There are many types of Youth Leadership Sessions you may wish to lead. No matter which one you take on, at the end of your session, collect feedback from the participants and their parents and fill out the Coordinator Feedback Form.

Traditional 8-Week Program:

  • A full 8 weeks, with layout and content as per the original Toastmasters manual.
  • Focus is on introducing participants to speaking & leadership skills, and developing those competencies.

Advanced Session (In Development):

  • Open only to participants who have previously participated in a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program.
  • The two speeches required to graduate are advanced speeches; there are no ice breakers.
  • Focus is on higher level/advanced Toastmasters skills.

Immigrant Session (In Development):

  • Designed to address some needs specific to new Canadians (language barriers, culture shock).
  • Bilingual material templates are available (translated content may not be available).
  • Focus is on Toastmasters skills, but also language skills and acculturation.