What Does NAYLP Provide?

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This website and its content has been compiled by NAYLP volunteers to help all Toastmasters coordinate the Youth Leadership Program. The materials on it were all created by previous program Coordinators and have been published to help future Coordinators.
NAYLP has conducted many Train-The-Trainers in the past. Please see the online video series for immediate access to Train-The-Trainer content!
If you want to lead a session but feel uncomfortable doing it alone, no worries! You will not be the only Toastmaster facilitating the session, and NAYLP can look for a mentor/coach from the pool of past Coordinators if needed.
NAYLP devised a kit of materials required for every program that Toastmasters may not always have on hand (eg, timing lights) to help facilitate the programs, and ease material management.


  • Coordinator Manual
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Timing device
  • Stop Watch
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Book Stand/Lectern
  • Name Tags
  • Pens/Paper
  • Graduation Criteria
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Sign-up Sheets
  • Timing Sheets
  • Coordinator Protection Sheets
  • Attendance Sheets/Duotang